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Written by Woo_Doo

News Slider is easy to setup content slider script based on AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin by Chris Coyier.

Slides are HTML Content (can be anything). The script has the ability to be fully automated, switching based on time or manually by user interaction. To add/remove slides just add or remove more <li> items from the list inside
<div id="newsslider">, changes will apply automatically. All styles which are refer to this slider are in ccs/anything.css file. For more information please visit plugin homepage.

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    Pellentesque ave deus suscipit congue faucibus. Sed condimentum dolor ipsum, in porta leo. Quisque iaculis metus eu nunc aliquet viverra. Mauris sapien arcu, convallis et sodales eu, iaculis et ipsum. Mauris euismod...

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